1. What is SMS Marketing ?

SMS Software is used to send sms to a list of mobile numbers using a PC/OVI Suite compatible mobile phone connected with computer using a data cable. User can import list from a Note Pad Text File or Microsoft Excel CSV File format. A series also can be generated using Mobile Numbers Generator. A delay can be added between two sms. Each SMS can be customized to include the name of recipient if available in the list. Our software has some unique features which are not available in other sms softwares available in the market like built-in Serial Generator, built-in All Pakistan Mobile Serials Data, Electric Failure-safe Status Restore, Sending SMS direct from Excel etc.

  1. Which type of mobile phones are compatible with SMS Software ?

To send sms with SMS Caster, you need (Any Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola mobile phone which MUST BE Single-SIM and can be connected via Data Cable using PC/OVI Software (Nokia C101, 6230i, 2730, 2690, 5230, 5400, 3110, 2700, 2300, 6021, 6230, E50, E66, ASHA305 etc), Sony Ericsson all ‘i’ models like K750i etc., Motorola L6, L7 etc. or any GSM Modem). If you want to check compatibility of your mobile phone with our software, simply install your mobile phone software and connect it to computer using Data Cable, then in our SMS Caster click on Detect Phone and then click on Connect. Send a SMS to your own number, If the SMS sent and received successfully, your mobile phone is compatible. Please note that most smartphone such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry DO NOT WORK with our software because they simply do not provide a modem in Windows.

  • What is the Speed of SMS Software ?

Apx. 500 SMS can be sent in One Hour using 5 Seconds Delay between two sms. The speed mainly depends on the Mobile Network Load, not on phone or software.

  • What is that Delay (Sec) option ?

It is very important to add some delay (minimum 5 seconds) between two SMS. Otherwise PTA may block your SIM in suspection of spamming.

  • Are there any databases also included with the Marketing Software ?

Yes. All Pakistan (All Cities/All Networks) Active Mobile Number Data Base.

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