Media hut is software developed according to the needs of Colleges of United Kingdom and meets teh requirements of Home Office. It makes College management easy, transparent & plays vital role in decision making. This software is equipped with a lot of reports concerning all the departments of the school including Student, Human Resource (Teacher(S), Administration, Examination & Accounts (Fee Department).

Media hut felt an immense need for Comprehensive Management Software for colleges and started development of a system, we being interactive with lot of schools and colleges were able to develop a solution named as Media hut CMS. It is perfect intelligent software for any educational institute. It is a comprehensive analyzer and management tool, boosting up your departments like Administration, Accounts, Human Resource, and Examination for the best performance in practice. It will reduce the time span and work load while managing the data at perfection. The software package allows you to work systematically while providing limited Functionality to certain type of users as authorized. Each and every department of any school has been facilitated with its functions as performed on daily routine. It provides required reports on a single click in a fraction of second without any margin of error. Class and subject positions are calculated automatically.

Salient features
  • One click reports for owners, teachers and accountants
  • Save  unlimited data of all sessions and retrieve it any time you want
  • Find records, payment records, results of students in seconds
  • Get result grades, and class positions of students automatically
  • Role based security to authorize operations of users in certain areas only
  • Developed in latest Microsoft based technology.
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Shipped with tutorial videos for ease of use.
  • One click installer included, no need of experts
  • Backup restore utility included for easy backups & restoration of the database
  • Usable on network and internet
Salient features
Courses, Groups, Results & Attendance
HR and Payroll
Setup Management
Web Based Student Portal
Web Based Staff Portal
Control Panel
Help & Support
Existing Clients
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