Mobile Apps Development

After ascertaining an established team of mobile apps developers, Media Hut has set up an advanced Mobile Application Development Company in Islamabad, Pakistan. We focus on supporting the local and international based clients with client engagement, sales, software management, application & website deployment and a complete deliverance cycle.

We have years of experience in mobile apps development in Islamabad, Pakistan and creating applications for clients from last 5 years along with best apps designing. We understand the careful sense of balance between restraint and compromise when developing feature sets, and the significance of clear and thin workflow chain of command. We know that users need urgent access to the tools they entail to perform an essential task, and we keep your app free of visual or informational load. We provide our users a meaningful feedback to their events, abolish the learning curve, and deliver visual design they can take hold with just a glance. You will find these ideologies at the core of all of Media Hut mobile apps user experience intend, and endow with the framework that formulate our developed apps great.

Our platform specific apps development services are:

  • iPhone App
  • iPad App
  • Android App
  • Windows mobile App
  • Cross Platform App

Media Hut  has extensive hands-on experience in building and deploying cutting-edge application. Having the rich work experience on all major platforms consists of iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry, we help businesses persuade the mobile to available in market, reach massive audience, boost products and renovate business processes. We decide and handle the projects at a time to give the concentration that app require making it a triumph. Competitor analysis, advertising messaging, customer’s response features, invoice and integrations are some of the area we help separately from creating top-quality technology for your solutions.

Make Simpler Development based on Single Code

Using JavaScript and single code based apps we swiftly develop, test, and publish the applications. With the skilled developers we create loaded and native mobile applications. So, the user no longer needs to deal with several developer toolkits, language and methodologies.

Key Features

  • Open source JavaScript-based SDK with APIs for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and HTML5 as mentioned in our services
  • MVC framework with new released accelerate with Appcelerator
  • Integrated mobile backend as a service (MBaaS)
  • Open marketplace integrated of Appcelerator
  • Build interactive app prototypes with drag and drop files

Data and Application Integration

Create on-demand cloud services to control an app, including: data services notification, SMS, email services and more. Or connect to the accessible databases, together with MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Mobile Apps Lifecycle Management

We make it sure and easy to develop, grow, and manage mobile apps backend with cloud-based services for the application that without a glitch put together from UI level to the backend.

Cloud Flexibility

The update is automatically available across all mobile platforms with our cloud flexibility code execution. No need to wait until the next app release to make most wanted changes.

One Portal Backend Management

Provide management to the whole backend of the application through one accessible portal which dictate permissions, execute cloud code, pick social validations, association with email and push notifications.

Find and Fix Bugs before Handing over

Use robotic testing to proactively find bugs by frequently testing an app on smart devices, incorporates iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We use written tests JavaScript then implement them across multiple platforms.

Media Hut mobile application development provides you flexibility to distribute apps on public app stores, with Apple AppStore, Google Play or the Windows Phone store, AND/OR may choose private app distribution to users through your own private app store. Keep your app secure by creating tasks and permissions, and then guarantee users run the most recent version of your app by pushing updates to their devices across any mobile platform. Solutions Player mobile application development platform is based on open standards and designed to assimilate with several tools, outlines and services. Much more benefits and services you can get with us by local visit and through social connections.

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